by Xy!o

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"Flyby represents a personal journey through time and space, entering a realm filled with dreamy chill wave, and eclectic hip-hop soul.
It speaks about an energy that we share with the ones we love, reminiscent of memories of days that have come and gone and which now feel like fleeting waves, crashing on the beaches of our consciousness.

Painted with the warmest of blue tones, the record was therapeutic upon inception, reflecting the pain of the truth in life, while also forever uplifting the joys of progressions, found in every new day.

It was inspired by the everyday struggle, for a better state and quality of life, to the exodus from adolescence, into the unfiltered world we claim our own.

May Love conquer all
Before the day we die
And may we love
Before the chance fly’s by" - Xy!o


released April 12, 2014

Lizarazo-executive producer
Derick Godfrey-guitar(dannon o natural)
Simon Kumar-Mastering Wizard




Xy!o San Antonio, Texas

For half a decade, the Texas based artist Xy!o has produced his sound with an inimitable style. His euphonic phonaesthetics have a way of establishing a living, breathing rhythmic ambiance that pervades the air and enraptures all who are present. His work is a fusion of crisp, ephemeral vocal harmonies and hypnotically buoyant guitar strumming, coupled with syncopated electronic beat-work. ... more

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Track Name: Jimmys
Have a good time,
so you feel different, maybe indifferent
Or i'm just like them, maybe that's what's on your mind,
Were you really there, that day we met,
or was that coincidence,
I have no wordsleft,
that i can saaaaaaaaaaay
where were you
all my life...
Track Name: Flyby (Growing Up) ft. LaJIT
he saw friends come and go and he couldn't understand,
how they go and just leave and never tell him bye
Felt like he was the only one that had an attachment,
made him feel like they would always throw him in the back end
Maybe cuz he frequently always needed a napkin,
gettin dirty smellin on the blacktop hella active
Puberty came early and it wasn't his fashion,
confidence was low which made him flock to this passion
Writtin every night and day he was scared of the public,
scared that they would point at him laughing begin the judgin
That lil phase past grew out of it now he's ballin, new friends..
that he his pen, pad, and his Spaulding
New girl, but that ended cuz he wasn't stalling
And realized she was not independent and always calling
Cham and Paul made him get his mind correct now he's all in, Confidence blew up, and then he begin to fallin
There he go, his fam was hella dysfunctional
his dad always told him look in their eyes and be punctual
His mom always told him don't worry listen to me,
go do what you want to do just stay out of the streets
There he go..with no restraints on his body, dirt on his neck his armpits cuz he was crawling
Right behind the car,
playin that cops and robbers,
freedom was all his and he was far from a scholar
growing up
He was growing up
Track Name: Dannon O'Natural
You think, waking up,
would be the best it ever gets,
i promise you it gets better yet,
Let it be,
You Breathe in aimlessly,
Let it free,
for you it comes,
almost naturally

You think taking time,
will steal the rhythm in your life,
I promise you that it will be alright,
And don't be scared,
You'll go Anywhere,
Be Prepared,
It's better not to lose your second chance...
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Track Name: I'll stay up here
I Don't want to leave yet, I'll Stay up here...
I Don't want to leave yet, I don't think I'll wait..